Barefoot Gang Travel Club

Do you enjoy traveling with friends, having unique experiences in really cool places, and not having to worry about planning your itinerary, or how to get from one place to another while traveling?  Are you the type of person who likes to do activities independently, and doesn't like constant follow-the-leader excursions with constricting rules?   If the answer is yes to these questions, than you might be a perfect fit for Steve & Carol's Barefoot Gang Travel Club.  We invite you to become a Barefoot Gang Travel Club Member and join us on one of our Barefoot Gang trips.  No fee to join! 

How can you become a member of the Barefoot Gang Travel Club?  It’s simple, but you have to agree with the Club's mission statements:


  • Umbrellas are only useful if they are in a tropical drink
  • The best trip you have ever been on is the next one
  • Traveling with old & new friends is great, but you like independent activities too
  • You believe it’s o.k. to wear the same shirt more than once on the same trip
  • Barefeet are sexy
  • Upscale does not mean uptight
  • No matter how old you are, a sense of adventure keeps you young
  • Traveling with a friendly group also means friendly prices
  • An escorted tour does not mean an escort service.

If you agree to all of the above, welcome to the Barefoot Gang!
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