Shared Adventures

Do you have a hobby or a keen interest in something and are wondering if anyone else might have an interest in the same thing?  Do you want to travel with these like minded people?  Group Trek Travel can put together a group trip with a focus on all sorts of shared interests such as trips for wine lovers, cooking enthusiasts, history nuts, sports fans, camera clubs, knitting clubs, or even opera or symphony lovers!  We can design a unique group itinerary, or find an existing themed tour or cruise, for just about every whim and fancy.


If you want to be a group leader for a shared interest or themed cruise, typically you will need to have eight, double occupancy cabins in your group which earns one free cruise berth.  A luxury cruise line might only require five double occupancy cabins to earn one complimentary cruise.  For escorted tours, you would typically need seven double occupancy rooms in your group to earn one free tour.  Call one of our group travel experts and let us show you how we can help you develop your next club or shared interest trip.
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